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Do you have sadness because of reasons? Do you work a job where they force you to smile? Yeah you do. Send in a picture of that forced smile. I'll put it on this blog and we can all have a good laugh at your misery. And my misery. All of our miseries.

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Draw Friends!



Hey everyone! Have you checked out my new Internet show Draw Friends?

Here’s where you can find it:

Draw Friends on Youtube!

Draw Friends on Twitter!

Draw Friends on Tumblr!

Draw Friends on Google+!

I now have a Internet show where you can watch me hangout with artists. You should watch it!

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FREE STUFF!! wow!!

i have enormous hospital bills so i’m giving away free stuff with orders from my shop!!

if you spend $5-$9.99 you get free stickers

if you spend $10-$19.99 you get a free die-cut acrylic pin

if you spend $20+ you get a free patch and stickers

i understand that most people are broke (like me!) but reblogs are always appreciated :)

Support Lacey!

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look at this glenn beck-ass homeboy

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A repost for the morning crew.

What’s The Worst That Could Happen pt. 1
What’s The Worst That Could Happen pt. 2 

Written by me and drawn by the fantastical Flynn Nicholls

We’ll have physical copies of this at SPX this year

Show your friends! Show your enemies! Show your frenemies!

Check out this comic that I wrote!

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